NMZ-TRANZ LLC Terminals are a multipurpose terminal in the Commercial Port of Vladivostok. With our extensive range of utility services and our modern 240,000 cbm tank storage facility, we offer a one-stop service for ship owners, charterers, traders and port agents.

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Interested in more detailed, technical specs? See our Terminal Specifications below

Terminal Specifications

Storage capacity
240,000 cbm
Tank types
Mild steel
Tank size
2,500 – 53,500 cbm
Jetty berths (SGV/barges)
1 up to 280×50 mtr
Jetty berths (SGV/barges)
1 up to 280×50 mtr
Jetty berths (barges)
Draught jetty
14 mtr
Quay length (SGV/barges):
450 mtr
Draught quay
9,65 mtr